Marseille Soap Spot Cleaner

$12.00 for 200 g

An incredibly effective, all-natural solution to remove stains and dirt from your most beloved articles of clothing is our Marseille Laundry Soap Cube by Marius Fabre. Made from oils and natural ingredients, its formula is gentle and will not irritate skin like artificial detergents. Bonus: it’s also perfect for washing your hands and body. To extend its lifespan, leave to fully dry after each use. Made in France. Ooh la la.

Why we love it?

Say “no more” to plastic containers filled with ineffective spot cleaners crowding your laundry room; this little, natural powerhouse does an amazing job removing even months-old stains, and will last and last. A hostess gift extraordinaire.


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How to use: Dampen area to spot clean, gently rub cube on stain. Launder item as usual. Leave on a little plate to dry after use, and for easy access.

Vegetable base, no colouring, biodegradable, no fragrance or preservatives

Ingredients: sodium palmate, water, sodium cocoate (from coconut oil), glycerin, sodium chloride (salt) and sodium hydroxide. Note: sodium palmate will be replaced by oleic sunflower oil summer 2020 and the price may change slightly.

Company history: Over its 100-year history, Marius Fabre has not changed the philosophy of its soap collection: purity. The family-run soap factory, located in Provence, France has been cultivating natural soaps using traditional methods and simple vegetable oils since 1900. They take pride in helping those in their community and in creating products that are gentle on skin and the environment. All products are preservative-free and biodegradable.