Spring Cleaning

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For the adorable clean freak in your life, these products will bring Marie Kondo-level joy daily.

About the products

We absolutely love made in Hamilton Moss Creek Dryer Balls. Not only are they beautiful, they reduce static, drying time and add a lovely natural scent to our clothes when you add a few drops of essential oils.

An incredibly effective, all-natural solution to remove stains and dirt from your most beloved articles of clothing is our Marseille Soap Spot Cleaner. Just spray stain with water, rub in soap, and wash. Made from oils and natural ingredients, its formula is gentle and will not irritate skin like artificial detergents. Bonus: we love it for washing our hands and body, too.

Add our lavender essential oil to your order to make this gift a truly spiritual experience.

Why we love it?

Say “no more” to plastic containers filled with ineffective spot cleaners crowding your laundry room; our little soap cube does an amazing job removing even months-old stains, and will last and last.  



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You will receive a pretty mix of grey and white dryer balls.

Use coupon code ‘local2020’ if you’re in KW and area. We’ll package these lovelies, deliver to you or your lucky giftee, and give back to the organization of your choice. Leave a note at “Checkout” with any special delivery or message instructions.


With Lavender Essential Oil: $46.00, Without Essential Oil: $32.00