Wool Dryer Balls

$20.00 for mixed 3-pack

The eco-friendly solution to fabric softeners and dryer sheets!

We absolutely love Moss Creek dryer balls! Not only are they super cute (we think they look like little lambs), they reduce static, drying time and add a lovely natural scent to our clothes when you add a few drops of essential oils to them. They come in a recyclable/compostable box to store them or to offer as a gift.

Why we love it?

The balls have a lifespan of 500 loads and can then be composted once they’re done. Set comes with three balls (white and grey). We like to add essential oils like grapefruit or lavender before throwing them into the laundry to enhance the experience. Makes doing laundry a more zen experience (seriously). Never will we buy those chemical-laden, non-biodegradable sheets again.


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How to use:

Simply toss the balls into your dryer to reduce drying time and soften laundry without perfumes, dyes or chemicals. To prevent static cling, avoid over-drying and remove synthetics early.

  • Safe for cloth diapers and anyone with sensitive skin
  • Ideal to fluff up down jackets, duvets and pillows
  • To scent clothes, add 2-3 drops of your fave essential oil to the wool balls